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The secret recipe to an amazing wedding video

Imagine receiving your wedding video and watching it in High Definition on your brand new LCD TV, only to realise unpleasant sound quality. Music levels jump from high to low. You can hear shuffling noises, coughing, even babies crying in the distant background. Imagine not hearing the priest recite his/her verses or prayers during the service, and the video leaves you with all these uncomfortable and confusing sounds. This is a common occurrence in weddings which leaves most brides frustrated and unhappy. Within the last decade, technology has come to the rescue, and this has allowed more control over the sound you hear when viewing your wedding video.

Now I know what you’re thinking, where’s the DJ’s role in this? Well, Wedding DJs are every Videographer’s partner. A great wedding DJ ensures they carry proper sound through a venue, and will equip all parties with proper mics. Videographers then plug in audio recorders at the DJ desk which records every sound being relayed across the room. We later use this sound in editing to create a quality video. If you are budgeting for a professional videographer, do the same for your wedding DJ. They work hand-in-hand to deliver that overall quality that you love so much.

5 qualities that make a DJ the RIGHT Wedding DJ for you


The foremost important relationship the DJ has is with your wedding priest. During a ceremony, priests cue the DJ to activate his mic when he is ready to deliver a sermon or a prayer. A professional DJ ensures that audio levels are optimum during this time. The priest then cues for the mic to be silent when he provides private instructions to the bridal couple while on stage or the chapel. Second to the priest is the relationship with the videographer. A professional Wedding DJ understands that sound is important for a video production, and he/she will assist to provide the video crew access to clean audio. We endorse these DJs, because any wedding vendor who’s able to work with us helps improve our production quality for our dear wedding clients.


Use someone who’s familiar with the custom of the wedding so they can play relevant tracks. This will avoid any inappropriate music, or a crossover in genres e.g. Western songs played during a traditional eastern wedding, and vice versa. A DJ who understands the culture of the wedding will play suitable tracks.


Professional DJs spend money on branded audio gear. They have selected those brands because they know those brands won’t disappoint. They will make sure that mics are available for priests, while having separate mics for the MC and other notable speakers. I’ve witnessed wedding DJs set up their systems for an event, and a job meant for more than one person. Cables connecting speakers to sound desks, mics to speakers, and an entire array of relay connections that spread out the entire room. We rarely see these cables and connections because they are well-hidden behind draping or fastened under carpets or tape.


Make sure your DJ dresses in a manner apt for weddings and keeps their cables hidden from view. Their work station is kept neat and well concealed. Most of the Wedding DJs we’ve worked with have camouflaged their work station from the cameras. In worst-case scenarios, we’ve seen guests and teams of service providers trip over cables because of improper safety precautions practiced by the DJ crew during setup. You don’t want that showing on your wedding video. This is a good question to ask your wedding DJ when you are considering hiring them, or during the briefing stages of the wedding planning. Professional DJs set up early and are prepared for the Videographers, priests, and MCs to do sound checks before your arrival.

Independent Specialist

The best Wedding DJs work under their own brand. They aren’t affiliated with a specific venue, or included as part of a walk-in-walk-out package deal. These are DJs established in the industry and can meet their clients’ expectations. Having an independent wedding DJ as part of your vendor list ensures that they are accountable to you. They’re responsible for sound (lighting too), and won’t dabble in other areas of service.

Remember - Wedding DJs are more than just people who have intelligent sound systems. They are experienced to work in a wedding environment which is a whole new ball game. We hope this blog was useful to you. Feel free to share this article with your community of friends and family who are considering service providers for their unique event.

Written by Bishan Soni of Media King Photography and Video. All Rights Reserved.