Hi, we are Media King.

Whether it's a professional artist you're looking for, or a reliable team to document your project on video, we have you covered.

We are professional wedding photographers and videographers in Durban, South Africa. We've worked with numerous wedding venues, wedding make-up artists, wedding decor companies, wedding caterers, and wedding DJs. We have covered Tamil weddings, hindi weddings, gujarati weddings, islamic weddings, and christian weddings. Our wedding photography style ensures we have a mixture of all the important elements that build your final wedding album masterpiece. Our Wedding video style is a combination of documentary wedding video, and cinematic wedding video. Have a look at our Video tab to see some of the videos we've created.

When we're not bringing out the best of brides and bridegrooms, we are working with corporates for annual event photography, corporate headshot photography, and content for social media platforms. We provide quality professional photography and video for interiors, interior designers, estate agents, AirBnb photography, lodges, and hotels.

During 2019 alone we've documented more than 50 events and have worked with many artists, brands, and families. We have all the tools you need to ensure your booking is done correctly, and you receive exactly what you want, GUARANTEED!

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“We love people. We're meant to create successful events. Most of all, we love to inspire, and to be inspired”



“Hi Bishan, Ahmad and I just viewed the video. We are so emotional right now. The work is in a league of its own. Just brought me to tears as I re-lived this special day. I have to thank you again for doing your job so perfectly! Cheers☺ will see you soon, take care.”