16 January 2021

Krinolen & Narusha, captured by Media King

I was so excited when Narusha called to say she was having her registration before her wedding date. Within a matter of a few days Narusha organised a venue, a marriage registrar, a celebratory cake, her photographer, and most importantly their loved ones. Our afternoon started by walking into Cafe La Plague where I was warmly greeted by Marge and taken to Narusha's registration set up. The table decor and details were so thoughtfully put together that I knew Krinolen & Narusha will have an absolute ball. The couple arrived so elegantly dressed and from there the proceedings started. Within a matter of minutes, they announced the couple husband and wife, and we used the venue for their creative shoot session.

We're eagerly awaiting the wedding day to arrive and we know it will be nothing short of amazing. We wish this couple all the best for all their future endevours.