Do you shoot destination weddings?

We absolutely do. Each destination wedding is unique in its own way, and needs to be planned accordingly to ensure we are able to deliver our best.

How many in your team?

For your wedding day, you will always have a minimum of two people, and this number could go up depending on the services you require. Every service comes with specialist operators, and accompanied by an assistant.

Can I extend the session on the day?

Absolutely. All our pricing options cover a curtain of hours, with an option to add in more hours should your time expire. Our pre-planning schedule with you ensures we can get the most out of the time you require.

What kind of gear do you use?

For Photography, we use Sony's Flagship A9 Mirrorless camera with a bundle of lenses to help us be as creative as possible. All our lighting is portable and discreet.
For Videography, we use Sony's NX100 videocameras for continuous recording, as well as Sony's A7III for your cinematic montage videos. Independent sound recording is already included with all documentary-styled video options. Our strong LED stage lighting ensures the scene is as bright and as beautiful as can be.

What should I consider first?

We always suggest you consider the service you absolutely need at the wedding, e.g. Photography, and/or Videography. It is absolutely vital that you have the right team with you to cover what you love. Albums, prints, and other products can be purchased prior to the wedding, or purchased after the event. Our wedding brochures make provision for this option.

What information do you need from me?

Initially we only need to know what project or event you need covered with the confirmed date, and possible what you would like covered or the hours you have in mind. This would help us to confirm that our specialist team is available for your date, and send you the pricing options or build a customized quotation.

How long does it take until we receive all our final goodies?

Re-touching and video compilation can take anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks, depending on how many festivities we are covering. Album prints etc can extend this time. 14 weeks is our maximum current deadline. We may from time-to-time contact you to approve designs, request song choices, or provide suggestions. We highly encourage your timeous feedback, so we can deliver on the time we promise.



“Bishan, from the beginning you have been amazing! Just 2 meetings, and one after the wedding- you delivered perfection!
Thank you for being such a great service provider, and now becoming our friend. Your attention to detail, dedication, and honesty makes it even easier to work with you.
Every Couple getting married should get you - you are the best!”

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